When it comes to food, I am awake

Constant vigilance is required to maintain permanent weight loss because the body, often by way of the mind, fights it every step of the way.

People who succeed are able to rededicate themselves every day to the effort required. Many years after my initial weight loss, I still attend weekly discussion groups. I weigh in regularly and pay a fee whenever I am 2 pounds over my target weight. I track my food intake. I manage my stress levels with a daily meditation practice (like this one). I exercise daily and see one or more fitness teachers (yoga, Pilates) every week. I normally walk any distance that’s less than two miles. I tweak my menus at home to introduce variety. I shop carefully. I examine ingredients and restaurant nutrition guides everywhere I go. I also lapse and restart my efforts. Obsessed or merely aware? Whatever we call it, that’s what it takes.

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